The Best Car Insurance in Florida

How do we find the best car insurance in Florida

We began by identifying the top five car insurance companies in Florida through their market share (excluding the US Agency, which, while the fifth market share, was only available to current and former military members and their families). We compare their financial strengths, coverage options, discounts and customer services using a methodology similar to our review of service providers nationwide. Then we saw how customers in each company reported their experience with their claims to JD Power and consumer reports, and examined complaints from Florida Financial Services Companies to see how many complaints were filed against each provider in 2017 (last year with data available ) Finally, we see the premium price of each company, using the vehicle price comparison tool at the Florida Insurance Office.

Florida Auto Insurance Reviews


Judging by a market share of 22.8 percent in the state, many Florida residents have agreed with our assessment of GEICO as the best public insurance company we have examined. Not only has the lowest level of customer complaints for 2017 among our best choices, but also quotes the lowest prices for all three alleged drivers. We haven't taken a discount, even though GEICO has most of these discounts - including up to 15% as good students.

In terms of fulfilling claims, GEICO is in the top position (along with State Farm, Allstate and Progressive), and readers of Consumer Reports value it better than insurance companies except State Farm, which links it. In addition, GEICO has the best financial strength rank among our five co-workers. The only drawback of GEICO (and the negligible mention) is that it does not offer so-called "gap" coverage designed to eliminate the effects of depreciation if you have a new car.

State Farm

Although State Farm gives us some of the most expensive prices from any insurance company, it defeats every company except GEICO in comparing complaints and customer service by J.D. Power and Consumer Reports. This record, together with its high financial strength, is enough for us to justify its ranking in second place. However, the "government farm" price we received was slightly higher than the GEICO and Allstate prices - usually 2-3 times. This may be tricky for many people, but it's still worth checking a personal quote from State Farm, especially if you're a teen driver (who seems to offer more discounts). Another thing that supports State Farm is their website, which is good at helping you understand the coverage that best suits your particular needs.


Allstate is cheaper than any company but GEICO compares our offerings, and even practical with GEICO and State Farm ratings for claim satisfaction. Its financial strength, though not high level, is good enough not to worry about getting money. However, we cannot help but see a relatively high level of consumer complaints in 2017. Given that the most common consumer complaint is that payments are very low, Allstate may be more stringent in determining claims from other insurance companies in Florida.

If you secure a new car, Allstate offers what is called an insurance "gap" designed to eliminate the effects of depreciation - which State Farm and GEICO do not do. Cheaper insurance premiums can mean the difference whether you can cover comprehensive coverage and / or MW, two special value additions in Florida.

Progressive slows a little behind GEICO and State Farm in terms of financial strength, and just feels behind Allstate for satisfaction claims. Very small differences may not have an impact on the experience of most customers, but nevertheless make it difficult to justify the progress of State Farm or GEICO or Allstate on the basis of nothing but the price, which is average. We are impressed by how easy it is to get offers through the site, as well as direct chat options, which is something GEICO introduced.

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