Car Insurance Claims Lawyers

Whether your car accident claim is refused or has stopped in the negotiation of a car accident, a car accident lawyer may be able to help move things in the right direction. Car accident lawyers can provide insurance companies with an excuse to continue working with you, or to sue for car accident compensation that you deserve.

Why you can sue an insurance company

A car insurance policy is a contract between the insured and insured. If the insurance company fails or refuses to pay claims that must be paid under the terms of the policy, it violates the contract, and the insured can pursue all legal processes available for violations, including filing a lawsuit against the company. . Depending on state laws and special circumstances, damage can also cover other expenses such as litigation costs.

Insurance Auto Lawyer Handling Coverage Coverage

If your car accident claim is rejected, ask the insurance regulator to write it in writing, citing the specific policy language that concerns your claim. If you disagree on the basis of refusing your application, your next step is to consult a car accident lawyer who specializes in rejected claims. If your lawyer decides that you have a reason to refuse the refusal, you will be able to act on how to proceed in the future and whether you must first use an internal appeal or insurance company dispute process, or go directly to legal action.

How an accident lawyer can help resolve a dispute

There are a number of dispute resolution options that can be assisted by a car accident lawyer, including:

  • Negotiation: Your car accident lawyer can negotiate with an insurance company to reopen your case if the insurance is refused. Accident lawyers will be able to put pressure on insurance companies and effectively negotiate fair solutions given your damage and policies.
  • Arbitration - Some insurance policies contain provisions that allow or require arbitration in disputes between insurance companies and the insured. Arbitration is a procedure for resolving disputes using neutral and personal individuals (arbitrators) as an alternative to a lawsuit, and is often a cheaper and faster way to resolve contractual disputes than a court process. This procedure is usually not available unless specifically specified in the policy or unless the insurance company and policyholders agree to submit their dispute to arbitration.
  • Small Claim Court - This option is only available if the claim is less than the maximum value limit. Some countries have set a limit of $ 2,500 in the Small Claims Court. Other countries can reach $ 25,000. The document that you have reviewed together for negotiation can be a court document, including a report or policy picture. But remember that once you get a settlement in the Small Claims Court, it's final! There is no shelter!

If none of the above options work, your car accident lawyer can sue the insurance company for the full value of your claim. A lawsuit should only be used as a last resort and on advisor's advice. A car accident lawyer can also sue the party responsible for your injury and damage, so ask this possibility too. Remember if you plan to sue, each country has its own statue of when you should act, so avoid unnecessary delays. Be in the ball and speed up your claims and work with your car insurance attorney to get whatever they need.

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